When drone photography is needed in a no fly zone...

Sometimes it's tricky getting a drone into a busy Brisbane location due to government regulations around air zones and aircraft.  CASA approval to use a drone in a restricted flight area can be expensive and difficult to obtain so when a client needs this type of job we like to explore all options. In this case we overcame the challenge by hirin[...]

Matterport for Brisbane Campervans Company

Last week we were at Mars Campers at Rocklea in Brisbane to perform Matterport scans on all o their latest campervan models and also to capture their Brisbane showroom as a 3D virtual tour. You absolutely should view this one as it really shows the incredible opportunity Matterport tours provides business in Brisbane. Keeping up with modern marketing wa[...]

Matterport Brisbane Virtual Tours

Matterport is topical in Brisbane right now.   Real estate is destined for great change both from a marketing point of view and with the business  models around leasing, renting and selling property.  The current health crisis has rocked the world of every local agent and forced the industry to adopt technology at a much faster pace than it wo[...]

3D Tour of Local Art Gallery

Matterport 3D Tours aren't just useful for real estate shoots. Take a look at this local Australian artist featured at the Andrew Baker Art Dealer gallery in Fortitude Valley. The gallery is currently closed to the public except by appointment due to COVID-19 restrictions, but that didn't stop the showing of this exhibition by Michael Cook, albeit digital[...]

Survival of the Fastest

If you were to tell us last month that in 4 weeks time we would be kitted up in gloves and mask to carry out our real estate photography and 3D tours we would have called you crazy. Who could ever have planned for the reality every business is facing today. It's totally unbelievable but it's happening and we are all adapting fast in order to keep the indu[...]

Real Estate Floorplans for Property Marketing in Brisbane

This year more than ever, floor plans are becoming a big part of real estate marketing for rentals and sales. With some homes, it's not possible to cover the whole house for photos and in these situations having a floor plan assists greatly. Floorplans show potential buyers the layout of the home or apartment for sale. Some are to scale and some inc[...]

Compelling Reasons to Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Whether you have property for sale or for rent, professional real estate photography has become an incredibly important tool for marketing property. Whilst your smartphone might take 'nice enough' shots of your property for sale or your real estate agent may even have a DSLR camera they can use to get 'good photos' of your property... ‘nice’ and ‘good’ just[...]

Four Walls Photography Brisbane & Ipswich in 2019

What a year we've had. 2019 has been a time for amazing growth for our Brisbane photography company and we've forged some productive partnerships with agents, agencies and business owners in related industries. We've seen the property market in Brisbane start to improve and have hired new team members to allow us to provide additional services such as our[...]

Virtual Tours in Brisbane for Oracle Platinum Homes

This week we completed a Matterport 3D video tour project for Oracle Platinum Homes who are a 100% Australian operated and owned new home builders. The project manager contacted us by phone regarding Matterport as they wanted to explore other avenues for promoting new homes to clients. They knew the Matterport would help to create demand and a more conve[...]

Great agency relationships and an amazing real estate flip

This week we had the pleasure of seeing first hand what a family can achieve if they work together and also, the result of good service in the real estate industry. In this story the agent sold a home then resold it for the new owners not long after! Find out why and how below. We were engaged by a local agent to photograph this home being listed for [...]