Photo shoot preparation tips

The more time you can allow to prepare your property for photography, the better. You only have one opportunity to make an impression on your potential buyer and this comes down to photographing the property at its best.  Taking care of the details makes for a high quality shoot and photos you’ll love to share.


  • Dust all surfaces, vacuum and mop all floors
  • Clean windows and mirrors
  • Check light bulbs for colour consistency and replace any blown bulbs 
  • We use all available light so make sure lamps have working bulbs in them


  • Remove dishes, dish rack, cloths, dish liquids, plugs etc and clean down bench and remove clutter and unnecessary items
  • Remove fridge magnets and remove cleaning streaks from the fridge surface
  • Remove bin, brooms, mats etc

Remember a kitchen can be a deal breaker!

Living/Dining Area

  • Remove any clutter, hide TV remotes and newspaper/magazine
  • Tidy pillow and throw rugs etc
  • Clear down and wipe the coffee table


  • Make bed with matching pillow cases and doona
  • Remove any clothing, clothes baskets
  • Remove any additional clutter
  • Remove any visible items from under bed
  • Study: tidy papers/remove if possible and remove any additional distracting clutter, tidy visible power cables


  • Clear sink top from clutter including tooth brush and soaps, razor etc
  • Remove laundry basket, bin, scales, floor mats etc
  • Close toilet lid and remove toilet brush and extra toilet paper if part of the bathroom (separate toilet will not be photographed)
  • Remove products from shower as well as shower caddy

Back and Front Yard:

  • Trim overgrown plants and trees plus mow and tidy garden edging
  • Clean up after animals
  • Put away and hide bins, hoses, tools, toys and bikes etc
  • Remove any decorations (eg Christmas)
  • Twilight Photography; ensure all outdoor lighting has been checked and replaced (this is imperative to create the twilight atmosphere, all lighting inside and outside will be switched on)
  • Remove cars from driveway, lawn or directly in front of your home


  • Clean and remove leaves from pool
  • Remove any toys or floating catchers
  • Remove pool cleaner (creepy crawly) from the pool in advance to ensure ground can dry before photography appointment
  • Ideally, get some chemicals in the pool 3 days before the shoot and run the filter to ensure clear, clean water for your photos

Twilight Shot:

  • It is very important to check outdoor lighting prior to shoot to ensure you can replace any blown bulbs, outdoor lighting is imperative to fabulous exterior images of the property. All internal and external lights will be switched on.

Note: Generally laundry, toilet and garage areas will not be photographed unless it is a unique feature of the home. This is a great place to store any excess items.